The Rip Off of
American Health

Ever seen the Michael Moore movie Sicko? Wonder why brave American firefighters have to go to Cuba to get their lungs fixed after our government demolished the twin towers on 911, the dust from which made the firemen sick. 

Our government shut down NORAD and the American Air Traffic Control systems to allow their remote-controlled airplanes to run into two World Trade Center buildings in New York at just the time the buildings were being demolished with military-grade Super Nano Thermite explosives? 

Just like everyone else in the USA who gets seriously ill, these brave firemen got fired, lost their health insurance and were about to get bankrupted by the US health care system. 

Then, Michael Moore took them in little tiny boats to Cuba where health care is free.

Heard about “gram negative” killer viruses? These germs breed in the open, out in the environment in ponds and puddles on the street. They convey immunity to ALL antibiotics to every disease bacteria they meet. The disease bacteria are then made immune to every known antibiotic drug in our arsenal.

The FDA used to be funded by congress. Then some idiot came up with the idea, “Hey! Let’s make the pharmaceutical companies pay the salaries of the FDA workers!” The FDA which is supposed to GUARD Americans from profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies is cashing paychecks from the pharmaceutical companies they’re supposed to be regulating. Hey! Why not? Go ahead and put the foxes in charge of the hen houses and let’s see what happens. The current pharmaceutical companies present two HUGE PROBLEMS.

  • 1. They don’t want to invest in antibiotics to save American lives from all the new diseases being discovered. Why? Because the patient only had to take antibiotics for a week or two. No way. The pharmaceutical companies only want to develop REALLY EXPENSIVE medicines that the patient must take for a LIFETIME.

  • 2. When a drug company wants to rush untested, dangerous, experimental drugs to market (like the Covid-19 “vaccines”) the FDA won’t stop them! Stop the companies who pay our salaries? I don’t think so. 

So. The major US drug companies really don’t care that we’re going to die in huge numbers. Like doctors and hospitals, they’re ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY.

Know someone who was “sent home” long before they had recovered from “treatment” in a US hospital? I do. Me! It’s a case of, “We don’t care that you’re still sick and we don’t really care about your getting well either! We just want you to go home REALLY FAST so your bed will open up. That way you’ll get sick again (so we can make even more money when you have to come back) and until then, we can use your bed to charge another American way too much, and send him or her home before they’re well just like you.”

Do you know WHY there was such an outcry for more respirators to treat Covid patients? 

  • A hospital gets paid only $5,000 for treating pneumonia. 
  • The hospital gets $13,000 for pneumonia with Covid. 
  • The hospital gets $39,000 for pneumonia with Covid and a respirator is used. 

The patients did not need respirators! The hospitals needed respirators so they could “soak” Medicare for A LOT MORE MONEY!

Aren’t you even a little upset about all these developments? If so . . . this is the book for you.

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Why off-the-grid health care? Because:

  • 700,000 US “doctors” kill 780,000 people every year
  • US “doctors” are never taught about natural cures—things like virus-killing Echinacea and how to get disease out of your sinuses using the age-old Netti Pot therapy
  • US “doctors” are never taught about diet and health.
  • “Doctors” are allowed to secretly write misleading, false and disparaging remarks about their patients into their federal database records—records the patient can not see and can not contest. Know who can see these dreadful comments? Employers and insurance companies who will or will not allow you to have health coverage based on mean-spirited and disparaging remarks made by “doctors.”

That’s why.

All US doctors learn in medical school is prescribing expensive pills, cutting, using deadly radiation and disease. What US doctors really do is work as sales people to sell expensive drugs for the pharmaceutical companies. 

The Sackler family and their company Purdue Pharma, provided expensive vacations (symposiums) for “doctors” at which they perverted these “doctors” into becoming OxyContin pushers which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. The benefits were played up and the horrible risk of total addiction was played way down. The OxyContin epidemic was the result, brought to the American people by “doctors.”

To show their appreciation for being their drug pushers, the pharmaceutical companies give doctors kick-backs and lots of other incentives. 

The US health system is corrupt and crooked thru-and-thru. During the Second Great Depression of 2008, banks would not give homeowners the modification of their mortgage they needed to save their homes. Why? Because the feds secretly  gave banks $50,000 cash under the table each time they threw an American family out on the street. Banks didn’t want more paperwork! They wanted the $50 grand! No wonder homeowners could not get a modification and wound up losing their homes.

The medical community response to Covid-19 is just as corrupt. 

Sen. Scott Jensen, R-Minnesota said, “Hospital administrators might well want to see COVID-19 attached to a discharge summary or a death certificate. Why? Because if it’s a straightforward, garden-variety pneumonia, the diagnosis-related group lump sum Medicare payment would be $5,000. But if it's a COVID-19 pneumonia, then it’s $13,000, and if it’s a  COVID-19 pneumonia AND the patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.” Makes it pretty clear what all the hue and cry for more ventilators was all about, doesn’t it?

$50 grand for kicking an American family out of their home!
$40 grand for falsely claiming a patient has Covid!
See the pattern emerging?

Just like demolishing three skyscrapers in New York on 911 that scared Americans into giving up their remaining Constitutional rights, if you get a medical patient scared enough, they will let you inject them with an experimental, untested, unknown-outcome vaccine. Then, when they find  mistakes in their vaccine, they “need” you to get a booster. Then another booster. Then another vaccine. More vaccines, more boosters, on and on and on. 

Meanwhile government workers, who are being well paid with public funds, who discovered a might-work vaccine (while on-the-job) are allowed to turn right around and patent their discoveries as their own private property and then sell their candidate vaccine to the government for even more profit.

Nurses have become suspicious of the labs that check nasal swabs for Covid. These nurses make up false names and send in unused swabs to see what will happen. Know what? The unused swabs always come back POSITIVE for Covid. Falsely making Covid cases seem more numerous scares the public and also makes untold piles of corrupt money for doctors, hospitals and, of course Big Pharma. 

On and on the corruption goes.
Where it stops, nobody knows.
What a system!

Never Forget 

The “officials” claiming the vaccines are safe 

get their paychecks from the companies 

who make and profit from the vaccines. 

Dr. Judy Mikovits, Ph, D who made the movie and wrote the book The Plague Of Corruption, which blew the whistle on the drug makers was immediately arrested, had her reputation and credit ruined, and was then thrrown into jail without being charged with any crime! They went even further. They “sealed” her case meaning no lawyer could gain access to ANY of the proceedings and come to her defense.

This is the medical system we have now. 

They jealously guard their profits and dispose of anyone who stands in their way. The motto of our medical establishment is this.

Profit At Any Cost

This book teaches you how to take care of yourself without the risk of the harm the medical establishment might do to you.

The first person who inspired me to write this book was my dear old mom. She studied health constantly and taught me a lot.

This book was also inspired by the original Hippocrates Oath. The medical establishment has long since removed the portions they don’t like leaving the Oath a feeble shadow of its former self. When “doctors” take the Oath now, it is a meaningless ritual.

In Sedona I lived in the company of several natural healers.

Good information also was received from health movies like:

  • Food, Inc.
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Eating
  • Sicko
  • Sick Around The World [frontline]
  • Sick Around America [frontline]
  • Millions Each Year Are Given The Wrong Antibiotics [frontline]

Finally, great inspiration was gained by spending time at The Optimum Health Institute in Orange Grove, California.

I’ve been studying and practicing health for my entire life. This book is the result.

This book is to-the-point, hard-hitting and full of methods, techniques, secrets and procedures you can use to promote your health and even save your own life.

“Doctors” work for big pharma and the insurance companies and only study drugs, cutting, radiation and disease. They don’t work for their patients or study health and nutrition at all.

This book is only about health.

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(PDF Version) 148 pages

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