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Long ago, I recorded Tarzan Of The Apes and Winged Pharaoh for a sweetheart. I told her that, when I was a little boy, my father used to read me bedtime stories when he was not out at an acting job. She said she would love to have bedtime stories read to her. She also said she had always wanted to read Tarzan Of The Apes. In that time, I lived where it was warm and sunny and she lived in the frozen north country. I decided to read her some bedtime stories. Every once in a great while, you might hear a side comment for her. What can I say? I was in love. The rest is all reading from the book. The sweetheart is long gone. Now, only the books remain.

† Being a celebrated radio actor, my father would travel the New York subways to the basement of a skyscraper. He would take the elevator up to the floor with the radio broadcasting (live radio!) studio. As he entered, the director would say something like, “Hi Bill. You have four this evening.” The director would hand my dad a marked up script my dad had never seen before, with four different roles for him to play, all with different voices. After the broadcast, my father would ride the elevator down, and take the subway to the next skyscraper with another live radio studio in it. Two, three or even four acting jobs in one night! So when my father read to me, he would switch voices for every character in the story he was reading.

I favor audio books because you are able to use your computer, tablet or phone to listen to an audio book, anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection. Let me read these fine books for you as you relax at home, on a flight, on a train, or in a waiting room.

What an imagination Edgar Rice Burroughs had! See all his books.

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Edgar Rice Burroughs (September 1875 – March 1950 and Joan Grant (April 1907 – February 1989)
just might be the greatest story-tellers of all time. 

I hope you like these classic books.—Sherman

The inscription reads:

   To Hulbert (son 1909–1991)
   With Love
   December 25, 1934

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzan Of The Apes

Read by Sherman Keene.
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Like millions of other readers and moviegoers, as a youngster, the late Robert W. Fenton loved swinging through the jungle with Tarzan. As an adult his interest was revived when he bought Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs' original office-estate in Tarzana, California, and began writing a biography of Burroughs.

Burroughs' early years were far from promising. He was dropped from school, was undistinguished as a cavalryman at Fort Grant, lost out in gold mining, and had little success as a salesman. He knew nothing about writing, but decided to try it anyway—and created Tarzan, one of the most famous characters of all time.

Enjoy Tarzan Of The Apes, the world-famous 28 chapter story of a human baby, raised by a tribe of apes in the African jungle.

Joan Grant
Winged Pharaoh

Read by Sherman Keene.
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When a birth took place in the house of Pharaoh, the seer priests from the temple would always attend. They used their spiritual powers to view the spirits that accompanied the spirit who was being born into a human life. When they saw the greatness of the spirits who attended the birth of Pharaoh’s daughter, the entire country went into celebration because a winged soul would grow up to be a great leader and help the country and its people.

This book changed my life. It is Joan’s first book. It is a magnificent work of art. A gorgeous Las Vegas showgirl gave me this book. Her inscription reads, “There are simple breaks between the strong words to let your mind wander into infinity . . . Love to you and know your beauty. Regina. 6-10-1971”

Enjoy Winged Pharaoh, the 98 chapter story of Sekeeta, queen of Egypt.

Joan Grant
Far Memory

Read by Sherman Keene.
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This is an astonishing book. Not only is it a beautifully-written autobiography, it is also a historical portal into the lives and activities of people in the early 1900s. Her use of language is amazing—this book has the longest sentences I’ve ever read.

Primarily, this book is the story of a gifted psychic who slowly learns what her gifts are and how she should use them.

Enjoy Far Memory, Joan Grant’s 42 chapter auto-biography.

Read Luigi Morelli
on Joan Grant

NOTE this free PDF essay is also available for free at Luigi’s web-site. Luigi’s web address appears at the bottom of every page.

“I was conceived in the Blue Grotto at Capri in June 1906,” begins Joan Grant’s autobiography.


A fascinating, even breath-taking, account of a woman born with second sight and far memory, who, as a spirited child, believed these were abilities ALL the grownups in her Edwardian upbringing shared—but did not speak about—in polite society. 

Having learned to disown her psychic abilities, Joan emerges perplexed and rebellious from the arms of her eccentric, yet very conventional family, determined to do what she can to heal the world. 

She suffers heartbreak, finds friendship and marriage, rebels against the traditional role of women, and, in her late twenties, decides she must honor her unusual gifts despite her discomfort at being “different.” 

The result was the publication of Winged Pharaoh in 1937 and a life ahead as a celebrated author, renowned for her wisdom and the very same psychic insights she had found it so hard to accept.

_________ _________

Dr. Luc DeShepper
Peak Immunity

Dr. Luc has retired and is no longer selling books. That means this book is out of print. Since this book is TOO IMPORTANT to go out of print, I’ll be helping keep the good Doctor’s work alive here.

Read by Sherman Keene.
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Consider what has happened in the realm of health in America.

  • 1. People are being frightened and bullied to get “the jab” containing a “vaccine” containing UNKNOWN INGREDIENTS. It is thought that the vaccine contains fetal tissue from bats, mice, rats, monkeys and pangolins. The “vaccine” is laced with adjuvants (add-ons) OF UNKNOWN INGREDIENTS that make the vaccine cheaper to produce but also
    endangers the patient’s health.

    Thinking people have come to realize that with “vaccine” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and all the “boosters” that go with them THAT THE PANDEMIC VIRUS VACCINES
    DON’T WORK. These people have become known as THE AWAKE and THE UNJECTED.

    Even doctors have left the profession RATHER THAN BE FORCED TO GET “THE JAB.”

    Members of the military are refusing to get “the jab.”

    Parents have pulled their children out of public school rather than having the jab forced on them and then watching other  children die or get autism from the pandemic virus “vaccine.”
  • 2. Nurses check for the presence of the pandemic virus by putting a long swab deep into a patient’s sinuses. If “it” is found . . .
    then what? . . .
    they put a needle into your . . .

    Talk about missing the target!



    Do “they” use the centuries-old sinus cleaning technique of the Neti Pot (steam-distilled water plus a packet of Neti Pot salt? No they don’t.

    Do they recommend an eye-dropper full of tincture of Echinacea in the warm Neti Pot salt solution) to instantly kill the virus in the sinuses WHERE IT WAS FOUND? No they don’t.

    I don’t wait to see if I’m going to get sick any more. At the first sign of a cold or flu I do an Echinacea Neti Pot.

    I came home from Mexico with athlete’s foot. I tried over-the-counter treatments for weeks but they didn’t work. So I sprinkled Echinacea over my toes ONE TIME and the athlete’s foot was gone.

    In the “good ol’ days,” you could see lots of movies about the power of Echinacea on YouTube. Not any more. Big Pharm saw to it that all these movies were removed. Censorship of competing medical concepts. What a story of greed and corruption! It’s like the story of Big Pharm destroying the life and career of Dr. Judy Mikovitz and trying to censor her important movie and book:
    The Plague Of Corruption—the story of Big Pharm engineering the Plandemic to make money.

    Do they recommend putting an eye-dropper full of tincture of Echinacea and a teaspoon of steam distilled water into an inexpensive nebulizer, and taking breaths of the mist to kill all bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeast infections in your mouth, bronchioles and lungs? No they don’t.

    For detailed instructions on all these techniques see my book
    Off The Grid Health Care.

    When I went to a major drugstore, they told me I needed a prescription to buy a nebulizer!

    I exploded and yelled, “What nonsense! Did you ever hear of a steam kettle with Vick’s VapoRub in the medicine cup?”

    When I was a boy, when I had a cough, mom would set up a steam kettle next to my bed and put Vick’s VapoRub in the medicine cup. The mist would soon get rid of my cough.

    Echinacea in the medicine cup of a nebulizer? Same thing. I would breathe in four deep breaths at the beginning of each daylight hour. In 1 day my coughing flu (that usually lasted for WEEKS—the one that caused people to break their own ribs) was gone. I got my tiny air compressor, medicine cup and plastic air hose at Amazon. You can get yours there too.

    My advice to you is BE READY. Get a Neti Pot, salt packets, several bottles of tincture of Echinacea and a nebulizer
    before you need them.

    SO . . .

    WHY don’t “doctors” recommend these natural healing techniques?




    By downsizing their pay and by pummeling empathy and common sense out of nearly every medical student, medical schools convert feeling, caring human beings into “doctors.” To view this process in action, just view the lecture by Dean Wolcott at the medical college in the movie
    Patch Adams.

    American doctors look but they don’t see. They COULD help, but they no longer have the time or the income to help other human beings. “Doctors” are really angry with The New Normal so they constantly take it out on the patients.
  • 3. † The multi-billionaire Sackler family founded and owned the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma. Purdue Pharma, and members of the family, have faced lawsuits regarding overprescription of addictive pharmaceutical drugs, including OxyContin. Purdue Pharma has been criticized for its role in the opioid epidemic in the United States. The Sacklers hosted all-expenses-paid vacations (symposiums) and lucrative drug sales kick-backs for doctors turning hoards of doctors into OxyContin “pushers.” This started the epidemic of OxyContin drug abuse which caused so many, many deaths.
  • 4. During the presidency of Richard Nixon, John Ehrlichman brought Edgar Kaiser (Kaiser Permanente) to see the president. Ehrlichman told Nixon that Kaiser had found a way to make more money from health”care” by cheating the doctors and nurses out of their good pay while at the same time providing much less and lower-quality health care to patients. What did Nixon say? “Yeah! Let’s do that.” One month later the HMO was announced as a “big improvement” (!) in US health care. It was not an improvement. It was a disaster waiting to happen. It has happened!

    Now, doctors and nurses, bitter from their severely downsized paychecks “take it out” on the patients. Patient “prisons” like nursing homes and physical “therapy” facilities have been turned into death traps for patients. The patients go in and get almost no care until their Medicare runs out.

    When intelligent patients rebel and leave, they’re accused of leaving “against medical advice” quietly and secretly in the federal medical database even though no medical advice is ever given.

    If patients are willing to put up with sub-standard care, food and air quality . . . the day their health insurance “runs out,” they are literally kicked out of the facility. While kicking the patient out the door, the “care facility” says to the horrified family member, “I hope you brought your own wheelchair because you can’t use ours to take the patient out to the family car.”
  • 5. Now that lawyers have taken over the “health” insurance industry it is LAWYERS who determine medical practices—NOT “DOCTORS.” As a result patients are regularly ejected from a hospital BEFORE THEY ARE WELL. In the worst cases, patients are literally thrown out onto the street to “open up” a bed that can then be used to charge another patient way too much, provide sub-standard, cheapened care and crummy cheap food then eject this patient before they’re well, too.

    While visiting my “primary care doctor,” a nurse kept pounding on the exam room door. “Who’s pounding on the door?” The nurse is telling me I’m taking too long with you. I have to see 50 patients a day JUST TO BREAK EVEN! Being a doctor used to mean getting good pay for good work done. Not any more. So I asked him, “If I’m injured, when I wake up in a hospital it will be you caring for me, right?” On no. I couldn’t do that! I’d go broke without my 50 patients a day schedule.

    So now . . . nurses who once were concerned only with caring for patients now are in charge of preventing “doctors” from delivering too much care. Edgar Kaiser’s dream—the one he told Nixon about—has come true.
  • 6. It is said that 700,000 US “doctors” kill 780,000 patients each year. We don’t need gun control as much as we need doctor control !
  • 7. Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford at 19 to launch a blood-testing startup called Theranos. The technology was praised as revolutionary and Holmes was hailed as the next Steve Jobs. Theranos' value grew to $9 billion until huge flaws in the technology were exposed and Holmes was charged with fraud. After a months-long trial, Holmes was found guilty. 
  • 8. Hospitals became desperate to have more ventilators to treat the pandemic virus. Why did hospitals want them when the ventilators nearly always killed the patient? Because they wanted to pocket the $39 grand that Medicare pays for a victim of “the pandemic virus” who had been put on a ventilator. Being paid $39 grand was just too much temptation to resist writing the pandemic virus name on the patient’s death certificate. This caused many, many patients to be falsely labeled as victims of that virus which falsely made the pandemic seem much larger than it was.
  • 9. Suspicious nurses sent in dozens of UNUSED nasal swabs only to see them all come back “positive” for the pandemic virus!
  • 10. The horrible The Bayh–Dole Act or Patent and Trademark Law Amendments Act (Pub. L. 96-517, December 12, 1980) is United States legislation permitting ownership by contractors of inventions arising from federal government-funded research. This started a stampede of crooked medical workers rushing to patent discoveries they made while already “on the clock” being paid handsomely with tax payer funds. These workers would then turn right around and sell the patented “health” discoveries they “owned” back to the very same government that was  already paying them when the discovery was made!
  • 11. Doctors can place disparaging and untrue remarks on a patient’s secret medical database. The patient cannot read the false remarks or OFFER A SINGLE WORD OF REBUTTAL! Insurance companies CAN read these remarks which can RUIN a person’s access to a new “health care” provider. Employers can read these remarks, too, which can ruin a patient’s access to employment they are otherwise qualified for.

    The original Hippocratic Oath required doctors to keep secret everything they learned about their patients. In today’s corrupt medical establishment, the FIRST THING a doctor does is put everything they find out about a patient, along with disparaging remarks about the patient, into that patient’s record in the secret federal database. This is a clear case of TOO MUCH POWER being placed in the hands of calloused, uncaring, corrupt and unethical “doctors.” 

Putting aside the downfall of American healthcare, what worked in the past, and what still works today is
your immune system.

  • 1. Do you know the warning signs of a depressed immune system?
  • 2. Do you know what the four enemies of your immune system are (so you can stay away from them)?
  • 3. Have you had your spleen removed? Having your spleen removed depresses your immune system. If you had the operation, did your “doctor” provide you with written warnings of what to look out for now that your immune system has been depressed? 
  • 4. If your immune system starts to fail, you will “come down” with an annoying mouth ailment. After that you will come down with a more debilitating condition. After that, you will get a life-threatening disease that will cause you to be so sick and so weak you can’t even lift your arm off the bed.

It is for all these reasons that
we HIGHLY recommend that you
Listen And Learn
the information in Dr. Luc’s book.

Dr. Luc cured my once-upon-a-time sweetheart of breast cancer with his unique world-class treatment methods. He is a Chinese-trained acupuncturist as well as being a full US Medical Doctor. He treated serious cases with acupuncture using hypodermic syringes filled with powerful, healing Chinese herbs. After two injection treatments into her acupuncture points, my sweetheart’s cancer vanished and never returned.

_________ _________

Aldous Huxley
The Art Of Seeing

In his later years, Aldous lived in the Hollywood Hills near the Hollywood reservoir. I never met him, but I met his wife, Laura. At that time all my friends and I knew of Aldous’ writings was his famous novel Brave New World.

None of us knew about another book he wrote: The Art Of Seeing.

Since this book is in the Public Domain, I can present it here as a PDF.

Read The Art Of Seeing.

Your body runs on muscles. Wise people work out by lifting weights because:

  • it builds muscles and makes you stronger
  • more strength makes everything you do easier
  • your bones become bigger and stronger right from the start. Bones grow even faster than muscles when you lift weights—a great way to avoid Osteoporosis.Milk is for BABY COWS! It is the right food if you want to weigh 1,400 pounds and walk around slowly yelling “Moo” all the time. Milk causes your bones to dissolve. Your answer to “got milk?” should be “no thank you.” Link††: In a 12-year Harvard study of 78,000 women, those who drank milk three times a day actually broke more bones than women who rarely drank milk.

    † Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disorder characterized by low bone mass, micro-architectural deterioration of bone tissue leading to bone fragility, and consequent increase in fracture risk.

    †† Two weeks later, the milk lobbyists have already covered up this article. To read it, you now need a username and pass-word!

Muscles! It’s the same with eyes. Eyes run on muscles. If you perform the correct eye exercises, as described in great detail in Aldous’ book, your eyes will get stronger and healthier. Glasses make your eyes weaker. Following the advice in The Art Of Seeing makes your eyes stronger.

Here is the first paragraph of the Preface of The Art Of Seeing.

_________ _________

Robert Fritz
The Path Of Least Resistance

I read this amazing book when I was a young man. The book changed my life. I just contacted Robert Fritz to ask permission to make an audio book out of his 1984 title. Sadly, Robert declined to write back to me himself. After forty years of book sales, Robert also declined to grant his permission. 

Free PDFs of this book are all over the Internet, including right here. So if I am ever asked to remove the links to my PDF files, I will simply provide links to other provider’s PDF files.

Read The Path Of Least Resistance—Short Version
Read The Path Of Least Resistance—Full Book

The book explains two orientations people live by:

  • The Creative Orientation
  • The Reactive / Responsive Orientation

Creative people set their goals and then the path of least resistance is to easily and naturally make all the correct choices that will take them to the goal they have set. Their path of least resistance is staying “on mission” by skipping the things that will interfere with them reaching their goal(s).

Reactive/responsive people do nothing until something in their lives becomes intolerable. Then they hurry up to react to make the aggravation or annoyance go away as quickly as possible, after which they go back to doing nothing.

I used to be a reactive person. Changing into a Creative Orientation person changed my life. Even though Robert will not help me in this time, he helped me in the past so I am still grateful.

_________ _________

Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Beasts Of Tarzan

I recently discovered another Burroughs book I recorded for a sweetheart: The Girl From The North Country. This one was loaded with private messages. These have been removed leaving just the reading of the book.

Please enjoy this 21 chapter audio book.

Read by Sherman Keene.
The Beasts Of Tarzan

In this set of recordings I tried to fill my father’s shoes by performing in different voices for each character as he did when reading to me. This is when I learned just how powerful my father’s acting skills were. Not only could he perform from a script he was sight-reading (never seen before) and switch voices—he could perform while broadcasting on LIVE radio! Whatever was spoken in the radio studio went right out over the air. One of the shows he was a regular on was Dimension X. One scary story was of an alien takeover of the Earth. The aliens were able to take over a person’s body when that person would Lesnerize (sneeze).

I admit: I am NOT as good at this sort of reading as he was. I’m sure my father will forgive my sincere effort to perform one of his acting specialties. 

My dad had an amazing ability to mimic what he heard. Long ago, when I was working at a recording studio, I had my dad record a simple phrase five times with exactly the same tone of voice and pronunciation. I then turned the mono tape upside down and played what he had recorded backward two or three times. Then, I had him SPEAK the sounds he had heard backwards as I recorded him again. When the tape of my dad speaking backwards was turned upside down we heard the voice of a visitor to our planet who had just learned his first phrase in English. It sounded WAY odd but you could understand every word. After describing how to perform this procedure in one of my technical books on sound engineering, I actually heard this sound again—when the “little person” in the TV series Twin Peaks was speaking with a very strange voice in the The White Lodge dream sequence.

If your phone has a recording system that will let you play sound you record backwards, you can try out this procedure yourself. 

If your sound app won’t reverse audio, drop your audio file here
to reverse it.

When you click Save, mp3cut will place the reversed file in your downloads folder.
Consider it as a kind of IQ test.

Testing, testing one two.mp3                Testing, testing one two reversed 

Spoken backwards, reversed

In this day and age, famous actors record the voices of animated characters in big-budget Hollywood movies all the time. My dad must be delighted.