Readings From The Bible

Taking a cue from the sound given to The Lord’s voice in the movie The Ten Commandments where Moses consulted with The Burning Bush on Mount Sinai and received The Ten Commandments written in stone, I have selected passages to read from the Bible. 

From time to time, I will offer an exégesis.

I hope you like these Bible readings.—Sherman

A critical explanation or interpretation of a text. The term is traditionally applied to an interpretation of the Bible. In modern usage, however, exégesis can involve critical interpretations of virtually any text.

If you click the repeat button, all the recordings will play over and over starting with the recording you play first. If you click the repeat button twice, the number 1 will appear and it will repeat the current recording only. 

Clicking the random button will play the recordings in random order.

Old Testament









    1 Samuel

    2 Samuel

    1 Kings

    2 Kings

    1 Chronicles

    2 Chronicles








    Song of Solomon


















New Testament







    1 Corinthians

    2 Corinthians





    1 Thessalonians

    2 Thessalonians

    1 Timothy

    2 Timothy





    1 Peter

    2 Peter

    1 John

    2 John

    3 John