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Thanks to the tireless work of, the classic books (as audio books) have become available. These are some of my favorite stories.

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“In the old days, TV was called books.”
[ The Princess Bride ]

I believe that most modern-day children don’t read. They only want to play games with a phone, pressing buttons with both thumbs as fast as they can for hours on end. These recordings will not work for them. 

Imagination is required.

Tom Swift and his Airship

by Victor Appleton

Read by Tracy Sheridan

I’m an inventor. I could not invent things without an imagination. After I imagine something, I try my best to build it and make it work.

This is what Tom Swift does. It’s just possible that, as a boy, I was influenced to be more curious and inventive because I read these stories!

Tom was an inventor; I became an inventor. Tom was a sailor; I became  a sailor. Tom was a pilot; I became a pilot of airplanes and helicopters. I also fly radio controlled model airplanes and seaplanes. Tom ventured underwater; I became a SCUBA diver.

A lot of the fictions in these stories have come true. Tom had an airplane with “jet lifters.” Now, we have the Harrier jump jet—the very same thing.

In Tom Swift and His Airship, Tom has just finished his latest invention—the Red Cloud—a fast and innovative airship. Tom is anxious to test it with a cross-country flight, but just before he and his friends take off, the local Shopton bank is robbed. No sooner is Tom in the air than back home he is blamed for the robbery. Tom doesn’t find this out until he is half-way across the country. Now, with no safe place to land, Tom must fly the airship back to Shopton in order to clear his name before he is shot out of the sky.

Tarzan Of The Apes
Edgar Rice Burroughs

Read by Sherman Keene

Enjoy the story of an English baby orphaned in darkest Africa when his parents, members of British royalty, are killed on an exploration. 

A female ape, having lost her own baby, “adopts” little John Clayton II, Viscount Greystoke, when she hears him crying. She feeds little Lord Greystoke, protects him and raises him as she would have her own baby. Tarzan gets bigger and stronger and, after defeating the old King, becomes the King of the apes.

The  powers of imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs are without equal. He is possibly the best story teller who ever lived. After trying many other lines of endeavor, he took up writing and invented the most famous character in the world: Tarzan. Edgar’s books made him wealthy and famous. 

Edgar also wrote books about Mars, Venus, The Land That Time Forgot and Pellucidar (the inside of the Earth). Everywhere his stories take place he invents the names, places, customs, tools, vehicles, animals, the history and culture of the inhabitants and their customs!

The Beasts Of Tarzan
Edgar Rice Burroughs

Read by Sherman Keene

In this enjoyable story, Tarzan and a troop of his great apes perform many good deeds and suffer through many difficulties.

At The Earth’s Core
Edgar Rice Burroughs

Read by (name not provided)

This is the first book in the Pellucidar series—a fictional "Hollow Earth" environment invented by Edgar Rice Burroughs for a series of fabulous action adventure stories. 

The stories initially involve the adventures of wealthy mining heir David Innes and his inventor friend Abner Perry after they use the "iron mole" they built to burrow 500 miles into the earth's crust. 

In Edgar’s imagination, the hot, glowing core of the earth is suspended in the center of a hollow Earth. Ordinary humans live on the outside of the hollow sphere, Pellucidarians live on the inside surface of the sphere. 

  • When ordinary humans stand upright, their feet face the center of the Earth. 
  • When Pellucidarians stand upright, their heads face the center of the Earth (where the glowing core is located). 
  • Instead of the horizon curving down (as it does in the outside of Earth, in Pellucidar, the horizon curves up into the sky of the hollow world. 
  • In Pellucidar, the Sun never sets. In Pellucidar, it is always daytime.

The Pellucidar books are an amazing flight of fancy in the mind of the prolific writer Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Read by Ralph Snelson.

Pellucidar is the second book in the center-of-the-Earth series. The Prologue of this book has a tremendous power and stimulates curiosity like no other I’ve ever found. It’s not very easy to put down this book once you’ve read (heard) the Prologue.

The Wonderful Wizard Of OZ
L. Frank Baum

Read by J. Hall


This is a spectacular book. The artwork of the PDF file is worth it’s weight in gold all by itself.

This is the first book presented as audio (using the full book player, below, and PDF file to read (mainly because of the fabulous illustrations).

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