Remembering Laura

Laura was a beautiful woman. She was my sweetheart’s mom. Laura studied acting but no one in her family would help her “act out.” 

One time, I was driving Laura and her oldest daughter to the botanical gardens south of Puerto Vallarta. I saw real jungle approaching as we traveled down the coast road. I let out a great apes ohh ohh ahh ahh as in the Tarzan books of Edgar Rice Burroughs. To my complete amazement Laura let out a boisterous ohh ohh ahh ahh too. The daughter was horrified that her wealthy mom would act up like that. 

I gave Laura some “direction” for her acting. I said, “No no. You have to hold your fingertips together and gesticulate as you do the vocalization.” Laura then says, “Like this,” and lets out another enthusiastic ape cry along with the proper gesticulations.

I was delighted. The daughter was appalled. 

During Laura’s time with us, I made two movies for her. Here they are.


You can make the player larger by pressing Command and + (Mac) 

or Control and + (Windows). 

Three or four presses should make the player get to full screen. 

Press Command and 0 (zero) to put the screen back to normal size.

At The Botanical Gardens