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Speaking to visitors from around the world

All seekers are welcome to visit The Dera during the day. Only initiated Satsangis, however, are allowed to visit The Dera and reside in the Guest House. Receiving an invitation to visit India and be in the company of A Perfect Master is a tremendous thrill for any Satsangi. I know several westerners who have received an invitation. For all of them it was a life changing event.

One favorite story my friends brought back from The Dera was one of ignoring the warning to NOT venture out of The Dera at night. This was because there were numerous electric power failures each evening. Naturally, some westerners disobeyed. When the electric power was cut off, these westerners found themselves in total darkness. Knowing that some westerners would have disobeyed and be out of The Dera, the sevedars (helpers of The Master) would begin to sing spiritual songs. The westerners would say, “Ahh! I hear singing! The Dera must be that way.” They would follow the sound of the singing back to the safety of The Dera. This is exactly how The Sound Current works—it allows lost souls to find their way back to Their True Home by following The Sound coming from it. Even though they cannot see it or the way to it, they can still get Home by staying on The Path by following The Sound.

In this collection, Maharaj Charan Singh answers questions from foreign guests. Most of these Q&As were recorded at the evening meetings held at the International Guest House at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh and at the Pusa Road and Bhati Satsang Centres in New Delhi. The Questions & Answers cover a wide range of topics, from personal questions pertaining to everyday life to spiritual concerns, such as meaning of life, the role of karma, the need for a Master, and the practice of meditation. The Master’s answers provide a deep understanding of the issues. Sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, the Master always displayed his immense kindness, love and, most of all, his patience in answering the questions.

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