MC2 Musical Heritage Page

These recordings were made by my sound engineering mentor, Gary Brandt. With permission, I recorded these songs on my cassette machine 50 years ago.

I promise:
if anyone is presently
offering THESE songs for sale,
I will immediately remove the songs
if asked to do so.

Because the source of this music is 50-year-old cassettes I used the Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 Multi-Band Compressor on each song, custom-adjusting it for each tune. Just like with my Goldie Oldies page, the Multi-Band Compressor pulled loads of beautiful sound out of the too-old-for-prime-time cassette recordings.

Michael Crowley + Michael Clough + Linda Carey + Randy Sterling + Jim Keltner 

Look very closely at Jim Keltner’s suit jacket. See the faint image of Albert Einstein? The songs of MC2 are, I believe, my first introduction to activism. These are, at least partly, protest songs by expert musicians, excellent singers and very aware song-writers. The only songs that even come close, in my opinion, are the activist songs of Bob Dylan.

I love these songs. They capture the angst and passion of days long gone by. I searched for song titles, band names (MC2, MC 2 and even MC2 ) everywhere for three days! Next I searched by lines from the song lyrics. Over and over . . . nearly every line of every song. Nothing! Not finding any available recordings to buy anywhere including the Internet, iTunes store or IMDB I finally gave up.

It could very well be that this is the ONLY place
you can hear these important and beautiful songs.

The only notice of their work was found in a great blog page (mostly about the movie The First Time) at

I let this page’s author know that I was borrowing his text and photos while asking permission at the same time.

“The aforementioned band had a really great sound, not unlike The Mamas and the Papas, but with assorted other folk and rock influences. Their success was in no small way due to their excellent female vocalist Linda Carey who not only could sing wonderfully, but who rocked a killer Vidal Sassoon-esque haircut.”

“They claim that the song “Sweet Love in the Beginning” (which is heard twice to great effect in the movie) was an edited-down, devolved rendition of the arrangement that they'd come up with when first handed the music, but I can only imagine how the funky, groovy song could be made better and have played it over and over since watching this movie.”

——————————— ———————————

My mother worked at Princeton University in the Admin building for many years. The building had previously been a bank. There was a bank vault inside where Einstein worked on his projects. My mom saw Einstein nearly every time he came in to work and when he went home. His hair was almost always disheveled. He sometimes wore mis-matched shoes or sox. The office workers feared for his life because he would close (not lock) the bank vault door and work for several days without coming out.

How Einstein ever figured out his famous formula E=MC2 no one knows. This formula states

(E)nergy equals the (M)ass (of an object) times C (the speed of light) squared.

E is in joules (1 watt per second)
M is in kilograms (2.20462262185 pounds)
C is in meters per second = 299,792,458

Equations in physics and astronomy use the International System of Units, or SI. According to SI:

  • Energy, E, is in joules, or J.
  • Mass, M, is measured in kilograms, or kg. 
  • the speed of light, C, is measured in meters per second, or m/s. 

The definition of a joule is kg x m/s2, which is one part of Einstein's famous equation. In more familiar terms, a joule is the work done to produce 1 watt of power for 1 second.