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The Urantia Book

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The Urantia BookLost Horizon
Path Of The Masters
The Trachtenberg Speed System
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Urantia is the name extraterrestrials call our planet.


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If you have your browser download this large book I recommend that you save the PDF file on your device so you don’t have to download it again.

I was introduced to the Urantia book by Randy California (guitar) when I played bass in the group SPIRIT. He gave me a copy. I had my friend Lars make a black leather cover with a black leather strap fastened by two jade rings. I took the Urantia book with me everywhere on the road with SPIRIT. On one of the many airline flights we took on tours I fell asleep with the book on my lap. When I woke up, the book was gone. So I got another copy.

The story of the book’s creation goes like this. A cab driver in Chicago went to a psychiatrist because he was hearing voices. The shrink hypnotized the cab driver which caused a celestial being to ask the shrink to tape record the session.The shrink recorded the ET (speaking through the cab driver) who recorded many, many hour-long sessions. Since the shrink only heard the voice of the cab driver, it took some time to discover several ETs were narrating this book. The ETs narrated the entire book non-stop. Their recordings were transcribed and the book was printed.

In your lifetime you might be lucky enough to converse with several ETs. For the rest of us, we can read what the ETs wanted to tell us in this book. The ETs had a LOT to say! The book is 4,432 pages long plus a Foreword.

When I started reading this huge book, I started with Part Four—The Life and Teachings of Jesus. Then, I read Part Three—The History of Urantia (Earth) and finally parts one and two.

Part One: The Central and Superuniverses (331 pages)

Part Two: The Local Universe (289 pages)

Part Three: The History of Urantia (667 pages)

Part Four: The Life and Teachings of Jesus (770 pages)

Lost Horizon

James Hilton

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The Urantia BookLost Horizon
Path Of The Masters
The Trachtenberg Speed System
Of Basic Mathematics



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In 1931, four people, including Robert Conway, escape the political unrest in Baskul, China by boarding a small twin-engine plane, bound for Peshawar. 

The plane, however, much to their dismay, has been hijacked by a replacement pilot and eventually crash lands deep in the far reaches of the Tibetan Himalayas. Seeking shelter, the group soon finds themselves in the Valley Of The Blue Moon, guests at a lamasery, called Shangri-La.

“Hilton’s story provokes deep, meaningful thought on spirituality, love and life’s purpose.”—Arah-Lynda, Goodreads. 

It’s a magical place. People grow old but VERY slowly. Conway finds out that the High Llama is over 200 years old! There is no crime and no “police.” People get along peacefully using one of the High Llama’s teachings: “Be kind.” I can only just imagine what the world of today would be like if our “leaders” would just adopt and live by these two words.

These two words, and phrases taken from A Course In Miracles is the inspiration for my email signature. 

Be kind,
Expect Miracles,
Think good thoughts,
Make Heaven on Earth,

Sherman Barry

The Path Of The Masters

Julian Johnson, M.A., B.D., M.D.

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The Urantia BookLost Horizon
Path Of The Masters
The Trachtenberg Speed System
Of Basic Mathematics


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Julian P. Johnson (1867–1939) was an American surgeon and author of several books on Eastern spirituality. He 

  • spent much of 1932 to 1939 in India
  • was associated with the Radha Soami Satsang Beas movement and 
  • Surat Shabd Yoga, and 
  • wrote five books (one unpublished) as a result of his experiences.

The Author

Theologian and surgeon, Julian P. Johnson was also a keen pilot and distinguished artist. Above all, Dr. Johnson was an ardent seeker after truth. At the height of his worldly success, he abandoned his activities except his search for truth; he answered the call of the East for the second time in his life. During his first sojourn in India he enthusiastically taught the gossip of Jesus Christ.

When he came for the second time, it was as if the hand of God had picked him up from a remote comer of the world and was guiding him to the feet of The Master.

He assiduously carried out the spiritual discipline taught by one of the greatest living Masters, and was rewarded by the vision of 

The Reality
Beyond All Forms
And Ceremonies. 

He learned the Ancient Wisdom which all Messengers Of God have come to preach.

Dr. Johnson's love for his Master, The Great Master, 

Maharaj Sawan Singh

pictured here, was unbounded, his faith explicit, and his devotion unflinching. He never returned to the land of his birth—after meeting His Master here in India.

It is now more than fifty years since Julian Johnson wrote The Path of the Masters. First published in France in 1939 under the supervision of Dr. Pierre Schmidt. The book has served as a beacon of light by guiding many storm-battered souls to the safe and tranquil haven of this Path To God. It has run through fourteen editions and been translated into thirty languages, and it's special and undiminished appeal to the spiritual seeker from a western background has necessitated yet another editing. 

Dr. Johnson's book is unusual in several respects. It was written specifically for the Western seeker of God by a person of the West who had lived a rich and varied life before coming into contact with the mystic teachings of the East. He was thus in a position to communicate easily with others from the same background. It is perhaps the first modern book to record, in English, the esoteric teachings of the Eastern Masters—with such clarity and comprehensiveness. It describes in the simplest of terms that perennial philosophy which tells how The Supreme, the Source Of All, can be released through realization of the SELF. Most significantly, it was written under the personal guidance of a spiritual adept of the highest order—A Perfect Master, who himself stood witness to the spiritual truth expressed within the book.

The Audible Life Stream
Surat Shabd Yoga

The Sound Current is inside every human being. If you can get to a place that is completely silent, and learn to concentrate deeply, and listen, you will hear The Sound.

When I drowned at Zuma Beach, I took a breath of water and—just like that—the stars came out. In the blink of an eye I was no longer drowning and desperate for a breath of air. Instead, I was comfortably floating in deep space surrounded by stars. I no longer needed to take a breath of air. I saw the Sun and the Moon. It was beautiful and not threatening in any way. I heard the Audible Life Stream then because I had drowned.

When a person ceases to live that person hears the Sound Current, possibly for the first time. A student of Julian Johnson’s book learns the technique of “dying while living.” By meditating deeply enough, for long enough, in a location where there is no other sound, it is possible for a person to withdraw from the body and experience something quite like dying. Sensations fade from the fingers and toes, the arms and legs, the Sound Current is listened to closely and the soul flows upwards and outwards in Astral Travel—exactly what happens at death. 

The BIG DIFFERENCE between dying (as a person’s life ends) and dying while living is that the Astral Traveler’s body is still alive and The Silver Cord still connects the soul to the body it belongs to. When the person ends his/her meditation or a loud noise or some other interruption takes place, the soul easily follows The Silver Cord and returns to the body which is then reanimated and is normal again.

The Sound Current is not made up of Earthly sounds. It is a beautiful combination of sounds that are a little like:

At another time, I heard The Sound Current when I had meditated for a short while as I sat in a small cave in the bank of a dry river bed in The Painted Desert. In that little cave it was REALLY quiet. I could hear nothing at all from the world outside. Then, with concentration, I started to hear the Sound Current.

The Audible Life Stream, or Primordial Sound current, is the all-pervasive universal consciousness within everyone. Few realise there is credible evidence indicating that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and so on, all perfected the meditative technique of turning their attention inwards, thereby merging with the Audible Life Stream, to become adepts of dying while living. Learning Surat Shabd Yoga is important to every human being, since none of us can escape the clutches of the Lord of Death. 

The Trachtenberg Speed System
Of Basic Mathematics

Jakow Trachtenberg, founder of
The Mathematical Institute
in Zurich, Switzerland

The teacher called on a nine-year-old boy who marched firmly to the blackboard upon which was a list of numbers a yard long. Standing on tiptoe to reach the top, he arrived at the total with what seemed the speed of light.

A small girl with beribboned braids was asked to find the solution of 735352314 times 11. She came up with the correct answer-8088875454-in less time than you can say multiplication table. A thin, studious-looking boy wearing silver-rimmed spectacles was told to multiply 5132437201 times 452736502785. He blitzed through the problem, computing the answer-2323641669144374104785-in seventy seconds.

The class was one where the Trachtenberg system of mathematics is taught. What made the exhibition of mathematical wizardry more amazing was that these were children who had repeatedly failed in arithmetic until, in desperation, their parents sent them to learn this method.

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The Urantia BookLost Horizon
Path Of The Masters
The Trachtenberg Speed System
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