Instant Home Tours

The Scenario

A car with mom and dad and their teenagers is cruising a neighborhood where they’d like to buy a new home. They cruise up to one of your listings. They like the look of the home, but your sign says, “By appointment only.” 

To a buyer looking at an ordinary real estate sign, 

“By Appointment Only” is a NO. 

Why not provide an instant and classy YES with an Instant Home Tour of the home the buyer is already parked in front of? 

A teenager points his smart phone or tablet at your sign and snaps the QR symbol (using a free app) and says, “Hey pop! The sign has a QR on it.” Dad doesn’t use computers so he says, “What’s a QR?” The QR takes any smart phone or tablet straight to your web page that includes 

  • your contact information
  • a photo of the house
  • a complete real estate description and 
  • a walking camera video tour of the house from a room-by-room clickable menu. 

The teenager hands the phone with the first movie playing to the parents.

Bingo! Instant Home Tours!

Send the webpage URL or the QR graphic to any friend or family member anywhere in the world and they can tour the home too.

Our Fee

Our total fee is the square footage x .06 which includes natural-looking still photos (if requested) plus:

  • the video shoot
  • narration voice-overs
  • video editing
  • a web page that plays the movies
  • putting the web page and movies on the Internet 
  • providing the seller’s realtor with the URL and 
  • providing the seller’s realtor with the QR graphic for a For Sale sign “rider.”


5,000 square foot home x .06 = $300

We get paid in advance because we deliver your project to the Internet the moment it has been completed. The instant you receive our email you can start using the home’s website.

The Other Guys

Ever heard stories of a buyer who became alarmed when the actual home they were walking through looked so vastly different than the warped fish-eye-lens photos they saw on the Internet? We have.

  •   Windows and doors mounted crookedly
  •   ceilings caving in
  •   walls caving out
  •   bulging floors

Our Instant Home Tour movies give the feeling of being there. Because the camera moves, the movies have a 3-D quality. That plus the expert narrations pointing out features the average home shopper is not even aware of makes a First Class presentation of the home. 

Distorted fish-eye photos
with tiny captions (no motion, no narrations)
does NOT. 

Putting the distorted photos into a slide show and calling this a “virtual tour” doesn’t even come close to what we do.

Take the above photo, for example. The left wall appears to be leaning to the right. The right wall appears to be leaning to the left. The foundation appears “dished,” with the left side flush with the ground and the right side poked up out of the ground. This is NOT how this house looks in person.

For an even more astonishing example, here’s a kitchen image that was “Fotoshopped” Up Beyond All Recognition (FUBAR). Have YOU ever seen a kitchen that looked like this? I haven’t. After seeing this online photo, can you even imagine the reactions of the alarmed home buyers who walk into the real-life, naturally-lit, un-Photoshopped room? Perhaps they’d say, “What the bleep is this? This isn’t the same kitchen I saw online! What’s going on here?”  

The Dreaded Circle Of Dots

Ever frown when you see a circle of dots instead of the movie you wanted to watch? How about absurd advertisements you are forced to view before your movie starts? Inappropriate movie offerings after the movie you wanted finishes?

Not with us.

You never see bizarre and inappropriate ads. You will rarely see a circle of dots. That’s because we prepare the movies we produce to be (what we call) Fast Start Smooth Play. See for yourself by watching our sample movies.

The Sample Movies

In the movie Beam Down My Furniture, at the start is one of our photos of a room. Next comes a fisheye photo (from the MLS) as the furniture “beams in.” Notice how the image goes from straight and true (us) to bent and distorted (the lazy, fish-eye photographer) as the furniture “beams” into the room with Star Trek sound effects.

Beam Down My Furniture 

Kitchen & Laundry Room

Spiral Stairway To Heaven

The Love Of Light is an art movie, not a sales movie. We made it as a gift for the home builder that celebrates the light and lighting in the home he built. We produced a complete, sales-oriented website too, where each portion of the house had it’s own web page link and movie. The Love Of Light shows off our artistic side because it features our camera work, our video editing, and a custom musical piece composed, played and recorded by Sherman. 


The Love Of Light