Burt Shonberg’s
Long Lost Photo Album

A one-of-a-kind, historical coffee table book.

Randy California, Ed Cassidy, Burt Shonberg and Ledru Shoopman Baker III have all transitioned to the Happy Hunting Ground. Of the SPIRIT power trio, I am the only one left.

Long ago, Burt made me an art-covered CD containing many of his art pieces including one of his master-pieces, Out Here. Burt asked me to author a cof-fee table art book in my name. This has been done. It has the title Out Here—A 34 x 11 Inch Coffee Table Book of Burt Shonberg Art which is available only at this website.

At the time that Burt sent me the CD with his art and photos, Ledru sent me a set of photos he helped Burt take at a SPIRIT con-cert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Since I was the bass player with SPIRIT at that time, this causes me to appear in one or two of the photos taken by Burt. 

These photos were found in a separate folder on Burt’s CD. The idea for the title of this book, "Burt Shonberg’s Long Lost Photo Album," came from me. 

I have compiled and typeset this coffee table photo book 

  • using photos from a CD sent to me by Burt and
  • photos, taken by Burt (using Ledru’s camera) that came to me on a CD from Ledru. 

I hope you enjoy these exceptionally rare photos.

— Sherman Barry —

Available only at this website.

Price: $85

Shipping $5: white paper wrap, craft & bubbles wrap, flat cardboard box
Size: 8 1/2 x 28 inches when laying open
61 pages
ISBN 0-942080-35-1